Stacey Hudson Padova

Creative Chieftain [kree-ey-tiv ˈtʃiːftən, -tɪn] – n

  1. the head or leaders of a tribe or clan
  2. the chief of a group of people

As my long-time crush John Mellencamp sings, “I was born in a small town.” And it’s true, a Midwestern town of slightly more than 1,200 people; I think I was related to most of them. It is perhaps because of this upbringing and my sense of community that people mean the world to me. Whether that be my clients, my trusted partners and vendors or my friends and family, I value my relationships and all the people I have met along the way.  I rely greatly upon my husband, my siblings and my parents, who continue to provide me inspiration and support well into their golden years. I find something to treasure in every relationship.

My sense of design began at a young age. Some may remember that in the early ‘70s, it was all about wallpaper. And we had it on every wall. I remember as a young child I would look for patterns in the negative space, seeing human forms, shapes or animals I thought were hidden just for me to discover. My first job was working at my cousin’s hardware store every Saturday for $1.25 an hour. I not only counted screws, nuts, bolts and other hardware staples, I also arranged them to entice customers with clever organization and style. When I was old enough I took to working in the tobacco and soybean fields, where I learned to appreciate color, lines, texture and just plain good hard work. These early jobs were the foundation that lead me to two art directorships — one at a government consulting firm and the other at one of the world’s leading public relations firms —co-owning HDN Studio for nearly 13 years, and now partnering with my husband as we enter our new adventure with Hudson Studio.

I take pride knowing that I am running a business in which I can build new relationships and new skills while I call upon the experiences from my past. I am happiest being part of a community and using my talents to make the world a truly beautiful place — one identity, one print piece, and one Mellencamp song at a time.


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