Sam Willger

Creative Thinker [kree-ey-tiv thing-ker] – n

  1. creativity resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative

Sam Willger here, a graphic designer based in Alexandria, Virginia. I was born and raised in the Midwest – Iowa, Minnesota and Kansas to be exact – and loved the people and place so much I chose the University of Kansas to work toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications with a Minor in Business.

I moved to the East Coast to live closer to family, search for new possibilities and grab opportunities as I came across them. And what better place than the DC metro area, where smart people and opportunity abound.

I am creative thinker with a passion for learning new techniques and trends. Eager to expand my knowledge in all things creative I joined Hudson Studio, a place where the work varies from brochures to web banners to presentations, always with a focus on intelligent, beautiful design.

In my time outside the studio, you may spot me playing sand volleyball or running along the beautiful Potomac waterfront. On my travels, I enjoy taking pictures of environmental typography and exploring the differences and similarities they share. Taking advantage of the DC design community, I also take part in various design lectures to interact with fellow professionals and stay on top of the newest design software.

I am always awaiting the next adventure, so let’s work together.


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