Ollie Mae Nicoll

Creative Naturalist [kree-ey-tiv nach-er-uh-list] – n

  1. resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc; imaginative
  2. a person who studies or is an expert in natural history; an adherent of naturalism in literature or art

I’m just a Pacific Northwest girl living in an East Coast world. Originally hailing (probably literally) from Seattle, Washington, I went from soggy rainy weather to 100% humidity/100º temps in Georgia for my undergrad at Savannah College of Art and Design. There, I majored in illustration with a minor in graphic design. Post graduation, I decided to travel the world for a year with nothing but my carry-on and laptop so that I could continue work as a freelance designer for International Greetings. 8 countries, 27 cities, and way too many travel trinkets later, I’ve found my home in the other Washington: Washington, DC.

My love for art and design began at an early age while working with my mom in her garden. Well, she did most of the working while I loved sitting beside her studying the plants, flowers and bugs. It was upon receiving my first sketchbook that drawing the things I was seeing became my hobby. To this day, my biggest inspiration comes from the natural world.

When I’m not filling my sketchbook or working in the studio, you can find me: clicking the “yes, I’m still watching” button on Netflix, exploring DC’s museums, trying to make my boyfriend go to yoga with me, drinking way too much coffee, researching different types of plants, and adding to my endless traveler’s trinket collection as often as I can.


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