Fulvio Padova

Renaissance Man [ˈrɛnəˌsɒns ˈman] – n

  1. a man who is interested in and knows a lot about many things

I am not sure if it is the Italian upbringing, the west coast influence or the time spent up and down the east coast from Buffalo, NY, to Richmond, VA and did I mention the time spent opening offices all over Texas! These are the places that have influenced me, but let’s talk about what I think is fun.

If you want to dive the deep oceans or take to the skies you can hang with me. I have enjoyed getting and using my diving certifications and pilots license. Most recently in 2018 I have received my Merchant Marine Certification as an OUPV Captain. Perhaps you have seen me coaching the neighborhood kids’ soccer team, participating with Volunteer Alexandria or practicing my right to bear arms at the local range. Time permitting, taking out our sailboats, “Briciola” and “Agallo”, on the Potomac River makes my day. These are the activities that excite me, keep me entertained and keep me moving. How does it all translate to a good professional career?

Truth be told, I can talk about routers, servers, IT platforms and wiring diagrams. I love to talk new technology, infrastructure and facilities. If it can be built, transmitted, pulverized, connected or configured; you have my attention. Troubleshooting problems or implementing ideas is my forte. I like to watch business grow, handle the finances and provide a stable environment of support and management to let the experts do what they do best. From the big PR powerhouse to the small but mighty design studio, my philosophy is simple; maximize efficiencies, increase flexibility and always keep an open mind to opportunity.

I know a little about a lot and I never stop absorbing knowledge about everything and anything. So if you have an idea or want to talk my ear off (did I mention my minor in HR labor relations and personnel management), you have come to the right place.


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