Erin Nitsche

Creative Purist [kree-ey-tiv pur-ist] – n

  1. a person who insists on absolute adherence to traditional rules or structures, especially in language or style

Clean and uncluttered. I wish this described my kids’ bedrooms—it most definitely does not—but fortunately I’m able to exercise my love of simplicity and order through design.

I know I’m in the right spot because long before I knew design was a career, I was doing it for fun. Drawing. Doodling. Playing on paper. My need for precision came out early as I found coloring within the lines to be weirdly enjoyable.

A love of art runs in my family. I followed in my aunt’s footsteps to Kutztown University, a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania with a strong Communication Design program. As a senior, I earned a coveted internship with a boutique design firm outside of Philadelphia where I got hooked on typography and branding.

After moving to the DC area, I honed my design skills with two local design firms before deciding to hone my mothering skills. I had always planned on having two kids, what I hadn’t planned on was having two sets of twins, plus a fifth one for good measure.

Now that they’re all getting on the bus together, and order is briefly restored to our home, I’m thrilled to be back doing what I love as a designer. Kerning type. Creating logos. Laying out brochures. And making sure everything is precisely in its place.


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