Cyndi Whitton

Creative Engineer [kree-ey-tiv en-juhneer] – n

  1. a person trained and skilled in the design, construction, and use of engines or machines, or in any of various branches of engineering
  2. a skillful manager

As a native of Rockville, Maryland, I decided to stay local for school and graduated from the University of Maryland. While my love of math, science, problem-solving and (over) analyzing everything initially drew me to mechanical engineering, my passion for creativity and visual aesthetics ultimately won out and I switched my major to graphic design. What I love about design is that I can still use my analytical and inventive side to create visually stimulating pieces that compel and inspire.

I can still hear my design professor during my senior year when I said I was considering a graduate program in design: “No way,” he said. “You don’t need more classroom time. What you need is to get your hands dirty; get a job and start working on live projects!”

And so I did.

I entered the workforce via a large PR firm, and from corporate offices on K Street to a waterfront design studio, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients on a varied portfolio. I pride myself on the ability to tap into both my left and right brains and successfully blend the business of design with the art of creating. The “engineer” in me is always there, actively problem-solving and finding innovative ways to guide the creation and direction of pieces that visually tell a story.

I’ve now lived in each of the Washington area’s DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) and my husband and I have recently settled down in Alexandria. On a weekend, you can find us, along with our pit-boxer mix Lola, walking, running or biking on one of the many trails that hug the Potomac. I am continually inspired and humbled by the beautiful scenery and breathtaking backdrops that I get to call home. A city girl at heart, I am constantly exploring the food, arts, sports and diverse cultural scenes that the DMV has to offer. (I have yet to try a crab cake that rivals the ones you can find in my beloved Maryland.) They say you can never go home again. If home is a bustling metropolis with the right mix of nature, culture, power and spirit, why leave?


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