Casey Peterson

Creative Humanitarian [kree-ey-tiv hyü-ˌma-nə-ˈter-ē-ən] – n

  1. resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc; imaginative
  2. a person compassionate about and who seeks to promote human welfare 

My interest in art and design began at an early age with an appreciable love of color and balance. I spent my college years embracing my interests while studying at the School of Media Arts & Design at James Madison University. After graduation, I burnished my skills in Washington, DC, at Burson-Marsteller and eventually rejoined forces with Stacey after she opened her own firm in Alexandria. My husband and I began our family in 2005 which allowed me to take some time off and focus on freelancing. 

In 2008, I accepted an opportunity to be the Marketing Director of a new local orthodontic practice. In addition to helping grow the business into the DMV’s most successful practice, my role exposed my passion for community service and helping those in need. In response, I helped launched our corporate non-profit, which has donated over 1.4 million dollars to pediatric cancer and community services since 2008. Fast forward 12 years and three kids later (time sure flies when you’re raising children!) and I’m thrilled to be back with Hudson Studio developing great concepts and designs for our clients! 


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